Saturday, November 17, 2007

Beautiful Miss Peach came by

We are all so happy this evening. We are Trixie and Pyewacket from topcatrules and also Tigger the FBI cat. You see, Miss Peach was well enough to come and see us on our new blog. We are going to celebrate this evening. A small drink for Her, and a new packet of our favorite food for us.

Do you know, we took on the city's Department of Education to have Miss Peach's blog available to students as it has an incredibly high standard of photo composition that She wanted to use to inspire Her students with digital photography work.

A silly moo from the department saw the tiny little "chat box" and took it off the air just as She was starting a lesson in the computer lab! We put one on the first topcatrules site and at school, it showed a huge red sign on it saying it wasn't allowed due to "chat". She jumped up and down, told the principal and got it reinstated. (She has had Her favorite Beatrix Potter sites and Winnie-the-Pooh sites treated like this before so She is actually used to it.) You'd think they would spend more time watching what the high school students are downloading and not interfering with Her teaching.

They take off ALL Her best sites. Then She has to jump through hoops to get them released so She can teach with them. *sigh* But Miss Peach was worth it. We are more pleased than we can say about her getting well. She is such an important cat to so many. We both share an appreciation for the art of Nastasha Wescoat, and I'll bet we have a lot more in common too.

She is also using Zoolatry to teach and inspire students and Daisy's posts are also becoming regulars on the class homework website - The Cat Ate My Homework.

Again, we thank God for Miss Peach's feeling better and we are so relieved.


Mickey said...

This is proof that beans are stupid if not trained by cats!!!

Victor Tabbycat said...

The boy was in a PowerPoint digital scrapbookin class, an Mom suggested IMDB fur pictors frum favoritest moofies. It was safer than anyfing the teacher had come up wif.

Is yur mom trainin beans to appreciate cats in art? Cuz we IS art.